Fisherman’s Day in Ukraine

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When is Fisherman’s Day celebrated in Ukraine?

With the help of the International Fisheries Day, many readers were misled 🙂 This holiday has nothing to do with the Day of the Ukrainian fisherman or almost no (only as a rehearsal).

These are totally different holidays! Fishing and fishing are different things. For this reason, Fisheries Day is more a holiday for workers of artels and canneries 🙂 If fishing for you is a hobby, a hobby or just a time spent in the water with colleagues, then your professional holiday is Fisherman’s Day!

Therefore, the correct answer to the question “What day of the fisherman in Ukraine?” Sounds like this – on the second Sunday in July.

What is connected with this holiday?

I remember fish soup and bonfire … Day, Sunday 🙂 And “quiet meditation”. Most often on the day of the fisherman the fish eats reluctantly, so do not worry. It’s better to just sit in the shade, on the beach and listen to frogs or birds.

I do not know why, but on Fisherman’s Day I want to shout: “Life is beautiful and terrific, and it’s good that fishing has exciting details!”

By the way, if on the day of the fisherman you do not have catches, hurry to the market and show the fishing rod. They say that fishermen can count on a serious discount from fish sellers 🙂 Only on this day!

Well, in the end, I wish you to fish more often, not the tail. Good luck to you.

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