Prohibition of fishing in wintering pits

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Prohibition of fishing in wintering pits
The common date with which the prohibition of fishing in wintering pits begins is November 1. The term of its validity is before the spring-summer spawning ban begins.


The wintering pit is the place of accumulation of fish in the winter. Not every well is suitable for wintering fish. First of all, it must have a slow reverse flow or a circular flow. This helps to enrich the water with oxygen and with this fish, you do not need to spend valuable energy in the winter on resistance to the flow. Also in the wintering pit, usually a hard and not silted bottom. Many fishermen believe that the fish in the pit lay down in stacks and fall into anabiosis. This is not quite true. The fish in the pit behave quite democratically. Slowly moving from the center to the edge, equal rights are ensured for all individuals of the pack. Due to the fact that the density of fish in such pits is high, there is the possibility of mass destruction of fish resources. In order not to happen, the State Agency for Fisheries of Ukraine introduces a ban on fishing in wintering pits.

For most regions of Ukraine these parts of rivers and reservoirs are known since Soviet times, but not all fishermen know about them. According to the law, such places protected by the state must be duly marked (the plates are installed), but … From responsibility, not knowledge, you will not be released.

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