The International Day of the Dnieper

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I know for sure that our giant celebrates the International Day of the Dnieper every year! This holiday is aimed at drawing attention to the problems of a large river. When does this action occur? Every year it is celebrated on the first Saturday of July.

Such a day appeared on the calendar not by chance, because you are also familiar with many problems of the giant. The Dnieper River is the main reservoir of our country, this waterway feeds about 70% of the population of Ukraine with humidity.

On the Dnieper there are 26 cities, the area of ​​its basin is 291.4 square kilometers, and the length of the channel on the territory of Ukraine is almost 1000 kilometers. Most of them are regulated by reservoirs, and this is a serious problem for aboriginal fish.

Naturally, the Dnieper has many problems, and Ukrainian fishermen are familiar with them. This includes poaching and industrial pollution, as well as uncontrolled fishing and other placers with fewer problems. But, nevertheless, I would like every responsible fisherman and holidaymaker to exercise caution with regard to our natural heritage. It can be a simple help – anyone can do it. Just clean up after yourself.

Thanks to everyone who is not indifferent! And for a long time to live on the International Day of the Dnieper! The Dnieper!

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

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Saturday, July 7, 2018


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